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French she diver, I am in love with marine biology and trips to warms seas (!!!); Each year to Egypt and as soon as possible to Indo-Pacifique area. As a french woman i began my diving experience in the Mediterranean Sea and french Britany, but as years go by, i "prefer" hot water ! Leaving for Philippines within 3 weeks with my fuji. Identifying my pictures is the best way to make longer my trips !!! and afterwards, when i am able to give fishes their little first name while diving, i feel i am part of their world !!! Main interests in Cnidaria & echinos, i admit i don't like seashells nor flat fishes !!! nobody is perfect. i don't fear sharks but am not that much interested in them; what i fear most underwater is Balistoides viridescens (le "Titan"). Thanks to all of you for your magnificent photos and sorry for my bad English. i much appreciate the reactivity of your "identifiers" and thank them for correcting me with their explanations.