Réunion seahorse

Posted by panagiotiskagias on 2/19/2018

Observation details

When did you see it? Species guess Current ID
2016-07-19 None Réunion seahorse
Hippocampus borboniensis


projectseahorse commented
Thanks for adding your observation to iSeahorse! It's so great that you are spotting seahorses in Greece. The Reunion seahorse is no longer considered a valid species and is now referred to as the Spotted or Common seahorse, H. kuda. However, the range of H. kuda is not known to occur in this part of the world. Most likely the species you have been observing is either the Short-snouted seahorse, H. hippocampus, or the Long-snouted seahorse, H. guttulatus. Check out our iSeahorse website for some useful identification resources https://www.iseahorse.org/Taxa/IdGuides
panagiotiskagias suggested an ID
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