Great seahorse

Posted by dama on 10/18/2017

Observation details

When did you see it? Species guess Current ID
2017-10-15 Great Seahorse Great seahorse
Hippocampus kelloggi


Happy encounter! And also to find a pygmy pipefish in one of the photos 15hrs after the dive!! :)


dama commented
Great resources, thank you @daveharasti
dama commented
Hi @bigbelly, I'm not Maverick enough to to comment on this, so I'll just add another photo in case it may help! cheers
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Hi @bigbelly, that's really interesting. I'll just add a few more photos and let the experts do the talk. Thx for your insights!
projectseahorse commented
@daveharasti care to comment?
daveharasti commented
Genetics and morphometrics indicate this species is H. kelloggi. I published a paper on the range extension of this species into NSW waters earlier this year: Also, for up to date seahorse taxonomy, the best reference is Lourie 2016. See: If anyone would like a copy of the papers let me know and I'll send a pdf.
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Two cheek spines, kelloggi only has one.
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