Three-spot seahorse

Posted by kudadivers on 4/7/2017

Observation details

When did you see it? Species guess Current ID
2017-04-03 Three-spot Seahorse Three-spot seahorse
Hippocampus trimaculatus


Spotted on formal Seahorse Survey. (SH100) Holdfast – Tubeworm Torso Length – 40 mm Sex – Female Photographs by Remy Ouellet.


kudadivers commented
Underwater I was under the impression that this seahorse was a H. kuda, possibly due to the speckling on the face, but when analyzing the photographs the ID was changed to H. trimaculatus. I have uploaded clearer, cropped pictures of the head. On these photographs it has become more apparent that this seahorse has a backward-pointing curved cheek spine (although the curve is minimal) and a sharp eye spine (absent on H. kuda). The distinctive, "smooth" coronet of H. trimaculatus (compared to the back-raking coronet of H. kuda) is also clear. After having consulted with my colleagues and compared with other photographs of previous sightings of both H. trimaculatus and H. kuda, we strongly feel that this is a Three-Spot Seahorse, Hippocampus trimaculatus.
lilystanton commented
Thanks for adding the extra croppped photo of the head. Upon seeing the details of the hook-like cheek spine and visibly low coronet, I would tend to agree with your identification, as well.
kudadivers suggested an ID
kudadivers suggested an ID
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