Bigbelly seahorse

Posted by botblert on 6/7/2019

Observation details

When did you see it? Species guess Current ID
2018-05-13 Bigbelly Seahorse Bigbelly seahorse
Hippocampus abdominalis


thebeachcomber commented
Hi @botblert and welcome to iNat! Some really cool finds here. Would you be able to separate this photo into 4 different observations, one for each fish? iNat works as one species = one observation. What you can do is go to the blue box at the top right hand corner, click the down arrow, and press duplicate. This copies the location, time, etc. data and then you just need to put in your new ID.
thebeachcomber commented
botblert suggested an ID
markmcg suggested an ID
Hi @botblert. Thank you for adding your observation. I've just sent you an invitation to the Australasian Fishes project. Please accept, and continue to upload your fish observations. 🙂 Also, please retain this observation for the seahorses and duplicate two new observations as suggested by @thebeachcomber for the leatherjacket and eel. Thanks again.
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