Great seahorse

Posted by nigelmarsh on 6/3/2019

Observation details

When did you see it? Species guess Current ID
2007-02-04 Great Seahorse Great seahorse
Hippocampus kelloggi


Only seahorse I have ever seen at Cook Island.


markmcg commented
Thank you @humuhumufish :)
markmcg commented
Thank you @daveharasti :)
nigelmarsh commented
Thanks Dave
daveharasti commented
Also, Hippocampus cf tristis is not a species. It is actually Hippocampus kelloggi based on genetics and taxonomy. See paper I refered to above.
projectseahorse commented
markmcg commented
Thanks @nigelmarsh. Before we knock the ID back to Hippocampus" or "Hippocampus tristis" (with a note that it's a "cf"), let's wait to hear what humuhumufish has to say. 🙂
nigelmarsh commented
I emailed Rudie Kuiter about his species yesterday and he things it is Hippocampus cf. tristis.
markmcg commented
@humuhumufish 🙂
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This is Hippocampus kelloggi. It has been found to occur along the east coast of Australia with several records from NSW including as far south as Sydney. See this paper for details:
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