Bigbelly seahorse

Posted by ken_flan on 3/11/2019

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When did you see it? Species guess Current ID
2019-03-11 Bigbelly Seahorse Bigbelly seahorse
Hippocampus abdominalis


markmcg commented
Great observation @ken_flan. :)
sascha_schulz commented
Cheers Ken! I'll be down in Melbourne on the 29th to 31st of this month. I'll contact you closer to that weekend and see if conditions are good for a get together and dive at Brighton!
ken_flan commented
@sascha_schulz, Thanks for the info. Sascha, I don't think after your five Shorthead Seahorse's photo you took, I don't think you need to be seething, Great photo. As always just luck. Thanks Ken
sascha_schulz commented
That's the female on the right (first pic), transferring eggs to the male (left) I'll be sitting on my couch for the next few hours seething with jealousy! ;-)
ken_flan commented
@projectseahorse, @sascha_schulz, @markmcg, Hi, Is it possible to tell me what the Seahorses are actually doing, I'd be interested to find out. I've never seen this before? Thanks Ken
projectseahorse commented
Wow, awesome!
ken_flan commented, These two Seahorses started off inter-twinning on the sand, they then came up & joined together for a time & separated. The small video is of them separating.
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