Bigbelly seahorse

Posted by andrewtrevor-jones on 2/3/2019

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When did you see it? Species guess Current ID
2019-01-26 Bigbelly Seahorse Bigbelly seahorse
Hippocampus abdominalis


"Petra", Hippocampus abdominalis at The Steps. 13.3 m DSC_7983


markmcg commented
@sascha_schulz @andrewtrevor-jones This is all great stuff. Thank you. I'll send a fw emails. And yes "Mark" is a stunner. :)
@sascha_schulz I3s is being used for Grey Nurse and Whale Sharks, mantas, and Weedy Seadragons. I don't have exact lat/long for their locations but I know the rocks they were on and how long they were there. Female Bigbelly seem to stay put once they establish a location. We had one female in the same location for 7 years. Males move around between females in different locations - at least based on my observations at Kurnell.
sascha_schulz commented
@markmcg Dave Harasti tagged his horses with fluorescent paint as H whitei doesn't seem to have particularly striking markings... Carly Bansemer used (and don't quote me) astronomy software (?) to study Grey Nurse spot patterns and ID individuals. @andrewtrevor-jones if you also recorded the exact location then that data can be used to measure home habitat size etc.
@markmcg This is Mark: Sure. That's sort of why I have been collecting the data.
markmcg commented
Thank you @andrewtrevor-jones. I hope that 'Mark' is a handsome brute. :) Would you be happy if I contacted a couple of my uni prof mates and suggested that they may be interested to discuss this with you.? I could see this being a terrific student project. FYI @harryrosenthal
@markmcg I sure do. I even have one named Mark. I have now uploaded all my shots of "Petra". I can pretty much do the same with pygmy pipehorses and weedy seadragons (although their names aren't as cool - except Clyde. Clyde is cool).
markmcg commented
@andrewtrevor-jones Do you have your photos tagged with the names of each fish? For example, can you extract all images of "Petra"? It seems to me that your wealth of syngnathid data over many years could be the basis of some very cool papers... or is this already being done? FYI @sascha_schulz
@sascha_schulz That's one of the great things about Potbelly Seahorses. It is reasonably easy to ID individuals and you can follow the same individuals for months and even years!
sascha_schulz commented
Those spot patterns are great for ID'ing individuals. Petra has the southern cross on the torso and double spot under the eye.. @markmcg
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