West australian seahorse

Posted by jmartincrossley on 1/14/2019

Observation details

When did you see it? Species guess Current ID
2018-07-22 West Australian Seahorse West australian seahorse
Hippocampus subelongatus


jmartincrossley commented
Thanks, i look forward to hearing about the results
mdebrauwer commented
Hi @jmartincrossley, as @projectseahorse mentioned, there are strong indications that the two species are in fact only one species. The study mentioned above should be nearly finished, and hopefully its results will clarify the matter. In the mean time, going by location might indeed be the best option. But I am pretty certain the genetic results will show that they are a single species.
projectseahorse commented
Hi @jmartincrossley. Sorry for the delay. Great question, it is thought that H. angustus has a more northern distribution from Shark Bay northwards, and H. subelongatus is the more southern species. Therefore if you are viewing them in the Perth area it is safe to assume they are H. subelongatus. That said, there is a study in progress looking to see if these two species are in fact distinct or if they may be the same species.
projectseahorse commented
Thanks for sharing all these great and beautiful seahorse observations on iSeahorse!!!
jmartincrossley commented
Am finding it hard to differentiate between the West Australian Seahorse and the Western Spiny Seahorse. What are the defining features?
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