Shorthead seahorse

Posted by sascha_schulz on 12/24/2018

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When did you see it? Species guess Current ID
2018-12-24 Shorthead Seahorse Shorthead seahorse
Hippocampus breviceps


"The raft of the Hippocampus"


harryrosenthal commented
Amazing photo, that was a pleasure to see. Thanks.
davidr commented
Nice find Sascha and great shot! Congrats!
markmcg commented
Awesome observation @sascha_schulz. Well done scoring the iNat observation of the day. As far as the classic reference, are you referring to the painting? The fish look much healthier than the people. :)
sascha_schulz commented
@davidr thanks! @markmcg well picked! :-) Interestingly enough, the seahorses had a degree of mobility I hadn't expected, being able to control depth and direction (to some extent unless the current was ripping). Not sure what they would feed on at this stage though.
markmcg commented
Good one @sascha_schulz. The painting and your observation are both pretty awesome. I'm sending this to @tonymisk @humuhumufish and @anthonygill who may wish to comment on the possible diet of the little guys. And finally, on the other end of the cultural spectrum from the painting, I'll leave you with this.little gem :)
henrick commented
@sascha_schulz @markmcg Wowzers! What a terrific discovery! @tiwane
sascha_schulz commented
I wonder if anyone will get the classical reference... hehehe
sascha_schulz commented
tiwane commented
Great find @sascha_schulz, this is iNaturalist's Observation of the Day! We've posted it to our <a href="">Facebook</a>, <a href="">Twitter</a>, and <a href="">Instagram</a> accounts.
projectseahorse commented
Wow, what an amazing shot!
ken_flan commented
@sascha_schulz, Hi Sascha, do you think you could send some over to this side of the Bay. Haven't seen a Shorthead here for ages, unfortunately. Great shot. Ken
sascha_schulz commented
Hey Ken, I'll be back down in Melbourne in March and will make sure I can get to Brighton for a dive. I've yet to find a Shorthead in the weeds.. :-)
ken_flan commented
@sascha_schulz, Will look forward to it Sascha. In the meantime I'll keep looking in the weeds. Ken
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