Crowned seahorse

Posted by bonniewaycott on 9/3/2015

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2015-08-17 Hippocampus coronatus Crowned seahorse
Hippocampus coronatus


I had just started a shore dive, and was specifically looking for the seahorse after finding out that it had been spotted in the site I was in. I found it almost immediately upon descent, clinging to some seaweed against a rocky wall that is right next to a jetty and swaying somewhat as the water was slightly choppy in the shallower depths! I'm not sure of the seahorse's exact scientific name.


sudachi commented
Welcome to iNaturalist! I'm so pleased to see another diver based in Japan! I haven't been diving out by Oki or in the Sea of Japan yet, but I think the major sea horse that you would see out there is Hippocampus coronatus, the normal タツノオトシゴ. I know them come in many different colors, though not sure about this white, however to my untrained eyes it looks, it looks like a match.
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Thanks for posting! It's great to have observations starting to roll in from Japan. And yes Sudachi is correct - this is the high-crowned seahorse, Hippocampus coronatus.
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