Queensland seahorse

Posted by noosakev on 3/14/2018

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Queensland Seahorse Queensland seahorse
Hippocampus spinosissimus


Washed up on beach and kept as a curiosity ever since it was found, probably in 2015.


noosakev commented
An attempt to assist with ID of a different seahorse observation: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/10145860
markmcg commented
Thanks @andrewtrevor-jones :)
At 34mm it is probably a juvenile which makes things more difficult. The snout and coronet look too short to be H. whitei. Yeah, H. kelloggi could be a possibility although the body looks fatter than kelloggi.
projectseahorse commented
@noosakev thanks for adding this specimen. This one does, however, look different to the previous seahorse. It always harder to tell with dried specimens but I think this one is H. kelloggi.
noosakev commented
Thanks, @markmcg. If you know anyone who can identify turtles and/or is interested in obtaining the frozen but intact corpse of one let me know. See https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/10238597
markmcg commented
Hi @noosakev I'm alerting @daveh, @andrewtrevor-jones and @humuhumufish who are the 'go-to' seahorse guys. :)
daveharasti commented
This actually looks like a juvenile Hippocampus whitei, based on the small eye spine and shape/position of the coronet. Whilst I haven't ever seen a juvenile kelloggi, I don't believe its a kelloggi based on the spines. The only way we could conclusive work out what it is, would be to have tissue sample for CO1 sequencing.
markmcg commented
Fish received @noosakev. We'll get back to you soon.
sallyr commented
Keyed out same specimen independently to Mark and got same result
noosakev suggested an ID
markmcg suggested an ID
@noosakev Your fish keyed out nicely to Hippocampus alatus, the WInged Seahorse described in Rudie Kuiter's 2001 revision of Hippocampus. According to both the AFD and ALA, this species is now recognised as H. spinosissimus. Noosakev, yours is the first observation of the species for Australasian Fishes - well done! The fish will be returned to you asap.
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