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Life history, ecology

Life history and ecology of seahorses: implications for conservation and management (2004) (Abstract)

A Guide to the Identification of Seahorses (2004) (PDF)

Conservation and Management

Conservation and management of seahorses and other Syngnathidae (2011) (Abstract)

Improving compliance on seahorse exports under CITES: Enhancing sustainability of the international trade in seahorses with a single minimum size limit (2005) (Abstract)

How does the accuracy of fisher knowledge affect seahorse conservation status? (2010) (Abstract)

Proceedings of the International Workshop on CITES Implementation for Seahorse Conservation and Trade (2005) (PDF)

Collaborative development of management options for an artisanal fishery for seahorses in the central Philippines (2004) (Abstract)

Exploitation and Trade

Trade in seahorses and other syngnathids in countries outside Asia (1998-2001) (2011) (PDF)

A global review of seahorse aquaculture (2010) (Abstract)

Fisheries, large-scale trade, and conservation of seahorses in Malaysia and Thailand (2010) (Abstract)

Exploitation and trade of Australian seahorses, pipehorses, sea dragons and pipefishes (Family Syngnathidae) (2006) (Abstract) 

The catch and trade of seahorses in Vietnam (2006) (Abstract)

Quantifying non-target seahorse fisheries in central Vietnam (2006) (Abstract)

Magnitude and inferred impacts of the seahorse trade in Latin America (2005) (Abstract)

Assessing East African trade in seahorse species as a basis for conservation under international controls (2004) (Abstract) 

Bycatch of lined seahorses in a Gulf of Mexico shrimp trawl fishery (2003) (Abstract)

Technical Bulletins

Measuring seahorses (2003) (PDF)

Guide to monitoring seahorse fisheries (2003) (PDF)

Syngnathid husbandry in public aquaria (2005) (PDF)